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Private Patients Contact

Patients wishing to book a private consultation with Vijay should contact his practice manager directly on:

07841 114 805 020 8295 6584    

Practice Locations

Vijay consults private patients at the following locations:

The Sloane Hospital
125 Albemarle Road

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Fawkham Manor Hospital
Manor Lane

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The Blackheath Hospital
Outpatient Centre
Independents Road


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Private Patient Fees & Charges:

Details of all fees and charges payable by self-funding patients can be obtained by contacting Vijayís practice manager on the details set out above.

If you have private health insurance please note that Vijay is recognised by all major private health insurers. Although he charges in accordance with the pre-agreed fees set by individual insurance providers, it does not guarantee that all of his fees will be fully reimbursed. Where there is an excess or other shortfall arising out of a restriction on a patientís insurance policy, the patient will be responsible for the payment of this excess or shortfall. Patients are therefore encouraged to check the terms of their specific policy and, in particular, the level of cover which they are entitled to prior to attending an initial consultation with Vijay.

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